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Prices shown are for routine consultations. If you choose an upgraded consultation level, the prices are slightly higher.

Virtual Doctor Visits and Benefits

It feels as though we live in a time where everything can be communicated and completed through technology. You can buy your phone, clothes, and even date all through different phone applications. Why should seeing a doctor be any different?
We have all been too sick that the thought of leaving your bed to receive medical treatment can be torturous. Maybe you have a small ailment that needs medication, but can’t make it to a doctor because you have to watch your child at home. Or maybe your face became swollen overnight and you aren’t sure why. Maybe something medically popped up that you know isn’t urgent, but you need medication—you can take your work lunch break to chat with an online doctor. Sitting in an urgent care center waiting room for multiple hours while you feel less than great is something no one wants to do.
This is where we come in.

About Us

Web Doctors of America is an online medical provider that aims to help and treat common medical ailments. We have Board Certified Physicians who are on call for your appointments 24/7, every day of the year. Whenever you have a minor medical issue, all you have to do is contact our on call physicians and we will be able to work with you through the problem and, if need be, prescribe you medication.
We work in a way that is unique to the medical field. You are able to reach a doctor online and if you need a prescription, you’ll be shocked to see how low-costing they are. The convenience of seeing a doctor through your phone in the comfort of your own home is beneficial. Most patients utilizing Web Doctors of America have an immediate online medical consultation, and the physician is able to send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

The Benefits of Web Doctors of America

You’re informed that online doctors can work better with your schedule and sickness. But why is Web Doctors of America the most beneficial?
– We provide access to board certified primary care providers for patients. Suffering from a common medical problem? Is it diagnosable? Reach out to us instead of taking a trip to the ER.
– Did you know that the average cost of one ER visit is about $500? An urgent care center is $300 and your doctor’s office is around $150. Web Doctors of America costs start at $39.95 for many conditions. That’s a huge cost cut!
– If you have a minor ailment, going to the ER is unlikely and if you wait in your doctor’s office, you are exposed to sicker patients. You could end up feeling worse after the doctor visit than better. If staying home and avoiding the overcrowding of other waiting patients is a pro for you, Web Doctors of America will be with you every step of the way—all through your phone or laptop.
– We can treat minor ailments in a timely matter. If something small isn’t treated quickly, it can turn into something more complicated (i.e. bronchitis untreated can turn into pneumonia).

The Doctor Behind the Diagnosis

Residency in Internal Medicine at Griffin Hospital. Major teaching affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine. Member of the American Telemedicine Association. When you reach out to Dr. Narendra K. Garg, you are in excellent hands. Dr. Garg is certified in internal medicine and has been in private practice for over 25 years. He is licensed to practice in over 30 states and even trained other aspiring internal medicine students. Dr. Garg cares about your health and has a team of board certified and american trained primary care physicians ready to help you with treat urgent care online.

Key Stats and Cost Considerations

According to Health Affairs, “A key attraction if this type of telehealth [telephone or video conferencing] is growing rapidly.” Of 300,000 patient data, 88 percent are trying out the new way to see a doctor. Consumer Reports discovered that online doctor visits “can cut cost and time, but people may be more inclined to use telehealth when they otherwise would have done nothing.” A recent report from BBC yielded that around two-fifths of Americans ages 22-38 are now seeking “routine medical services virtually, says a digital health survey from consultancy firm Accenture.” In 2022—just three years from now—virtual doctor visits in the US will reach 105 million. There are many reasons why telemedicine is so successful.

When you are paying for on online visit, you are only paying for the time with your doctor. You do not have to worry about the additional costs that come with in-person doctor visits. As telemedicine increases in popularity, many government insurance programs are beginning to offer telehealth coverage. These costs end up being roughly the same as an in-person visit. The best online doctors to consider are the ones that are covered by your employer or government insurance plans.

Avoiding Other Sick Patients and Overcrowded Waiting Rooms

For many people, going to the doctor can actually make you feel worse than better. Especially if you are in a waiting room with patients sicker than yourself. No one wants to be exposed to sick people. Web Doctors of America is the perfect solution to avoid sick individuals quite simply because you are not in a waiting room with others. You are accessing a doctor from the comfort of your own home. You’re planning ahead of time to meet with an online doctor—you can’t just show up and wait in line—because you are home. However, urgent care online proves to be worth it when you are avoiding others.

What Does Web Doctors of America Treat?

With a starting price of $39.95, our online doctors treat a plethora of medical ailments. Check out some of the following reasons to reach out to Web Doctors of America:

● Ear Infection (Otitis, Swimmers Ear) 
● Upper Respiratory Tract Infection or Bronchitis (no history of asthma) 
● Upper Respiratory Infection and mild Wheezing 
● Urinary Tract Infection (UTI Bladder Infection) 
● Sore throat, Tonsillitis (Pharyngitis, swollen glands, strep throat) 
● Sinusitis 
● Laryngitis 
● Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) 
● Seasonal Allergies (Burning itchy eyes, runny nose, frequent sneezing and red eyes) 
● Flu (Influenza) 
● Poison Ivy /Poison Oak or Contact Dermatitis 
● Acne 
● Medication Refill 
● Tooth Ache/ Tooth Infection 
● Alcohol Use Disorder 
● Erectile Dysfunction (ED) For Men 
● Other Ailment 
● Herpes 
● Yeast Infections

Ultimately, Web Doctors of America aims to making a doctor one-on-one visit comfortable, quick, and successful. This means virtually allowing a doctor to take in your symptoms, diagnose you, and send a prescription to a pharmacy of your choice. Reach out to Dr. Garg and his team today. You’ll find your experience pleasant and your health will be back to normal in no time.

Read some testimonials from Web Doctors of America patients:

    • “Loved it! Quick and easy and the doctor heard me out. I was good in a couple of days. Definitely recommend this!” -C.


    • “Excellent service. Easy and quick way to get a prescription for a UTI while I was out of town. Completely pleased with this service and price.” -Customer


    • “I had a medical issue and received a call back within the hour. No Lines, no gas to use up, and no gimmicks. Doctor went over my issue and sent over a prescription immediately. I actually feel better already. Therefore, will use services again.” -O


    • “Quick, easy, and affordable and that’s all I could really ask for. No complaints.” -Chloe


    • “Dr. Garg, has helped me in the past when I was unable to get to my doctors office. He prescribed an antibiotic for me yesterday and I’m feeling much better already. Thank you Dr. Garg. Web Doctors of America is an awesome service to have available when your truly feeling unwell and don’t have transportation to get to the Doctors office.” -R.G.


    • “It was quick and easy. I am so glad I was able to talk to a DR from the comfort of my home. Since I was very ill and not feeling well enough to leave my home.” -Customer



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