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A tooth infection can lead to a tremendous amount of pain, but it’s not always possible to see a dentist right away, whether because of finances, time constraints, or other accessibility issues. Fortunately, Web Doctors of America makes it possible to find tooth infection treatment online so you can get the help you need fast. This can be incredibly important because, besides the obvious pain associated with having a tooth infection, there can be other complications, and it’s important to clear up a tooth infection as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the infection can spread to the surrounding tissues and even into the jaw. In serious scenarios, people can become extremely ill because of tooth infections. Fortunately, with tooth infection treatment online, this doesn’t have to happen.

If you feel pain in or around your teeth, it is likely generally referred to as a toothache. There are multiple different causes of toothaches, including:

  • Infected gums
  • Trauma to the mouth
  • Consistently grinding your teeth or chewing gum
  • A filling that becomes damaged
  • Abscessed tooth
  • A fractured tooth

Regardless of the cause of your toothache, it can make chewing, talking, or even opening your mouth difficult. You shouldn’t have to endure this type of pain!

With an online appointment from our doctor on demand, we can prescribe antibiotics to help you with a toothache while you are waiting to see your dentist. You will get the quality care that you need from the comfort of your own home, avoiding busy waiting rooms, and coordinating an appointment with an in-person professional.

Symptoms of a Toothache

It is important to be aware of the symptoms of a toothache so that you can get the proper treatment. Pain is one of the most common symptoms of a toothache; it may appear as sharp, throbbing, or constant pain. Some people who are suffering from a toothache may only feel pain when pressure is applied to the tooth.

Other symptoms of toothaches include swelling that occurs around a particular tooth, fever, headaches, or drainage that comes from an infected tooth that has a foul taste.

Finding Online Toothache Treatment

There are many things that are important to know when attempting to treat a toothache or tooth infection. One of those things is this: what is the best antibiotic for a tooth infection? It’s important to understand not all antibiotics are the same. When choosing an antibiotic to treat tooth infection, a doctor or dentist must choose one that is appropriate for the bacterial infection that is the source of the problem in the tooth. One common antibiotic used for treating tooth infections is metronidazole, which is able to combat the bacterial infection that causes tooth infections more effectively than other types of antibiotics.

When to Seek Help

You may be tempted to tough out the pain and assume that it will go away. In some cases, your pain may subside, but in others, you’ll need to turn to a professional. Make sure to seek professional help if your toothache has lasted longer than 1-2 days or if you have a fever, earache, or pain when you open your mouth.

When you have a toothache, the last thing that you want to do is deal with the hassle of making a dentist appointment and taking time out of your schedule to see a dentist. Instead, our team at Web Doctors of America provides an online doctor on demand that is always available to help you when you need it the most.

How to Get Your Prescription Online

With Web Doctors of America, you no longer have to make a costly appointment and wait hours, days or even weeks to see a doctor or dentist to get the medication you need to take care of a toothache or tooth infection. You can get toothache relief from the comfort of your home so long as you have an Internet connection simply by registering with us and connecting with one of our doctors. We will help you get a prescription online to take care of your dental problem, so you can move on and take care of other things in your life. With our online doctors, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of living with a problem that continues to get worse or pain that won’t get any better.

Personalized Care

To keep your pain from getting any worse, make sure to contact our team when you feel a toothache forming. We strive to provide all of our patients with the individualized care that they need, and we know that treatment is not one-size-fits-all.

Let us help you. If you need a prescription for a toothache that won’t go away, connect with one of our online doctors so you can get the relief you have been searching for. Contact our team at Web Doctors of America today.


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