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Sinus infections can be incredibly uncomfortable but are also incredibly common. Many people experience at least one sinus infection a year, usually brought on as the result of another condition, such as the common cold, lingering allergies or another issue altogether. Web Doctors of America Online doctors can help you receive treatment for your sinus infection with sinus infection treatment online.

It can be difficult to get to the doctor when you’re on a tight schedule, and you might not have the time to take off work or school to get your sinus infection taken care of. However, that doesn’t mean it should go ignored. A sinus infection can still be troublesome and uncomfortable and may even lead to bigger problems if you don’t treat it as soon as possible. An online doctor for a sinus infection is available at all times to help with your sinus infection issue and is available to write online prescription for a sinus infection whenever you need them.

How Is a Sinus Infection Caused?

Most people have heard of sinus infections, but many don’t understand what a sinus infection is. A sinus infection is essentially what occurs when an individual catches a “bug,” and a bacteria, a virus or even a fungus settles into the sinuses. There are four pairs of sinuses in your face. The maxillary sinuses are located underneath the eyes, the frontal sinuses are located above the eyes, the ethmoidal sinuses are located between the eyes, and the sphenoidal sinuses are located behind the eyes. When one or many of these sinuses are invaded by a “bug,” they become inflamed. This inflammation leads to the sinus filling up with fluid and eventually becoming blocked.

This blockage is what leads to some of the most common sinus infection signs and symptoms. One of the first things people will notice when they have a sinus infection is the feeling of pressure in the cheeks and behind the eyes due to the blockage of the sinus cavities. Another of the most common sinus infection signs is a stuffy or runny nose that persists for more than a week. A headache that gets worse, fever and cough may also indicate a sinus infection, while the bad breath is another surprising but common symptom that can be a good indicator you have a sinus infection.

Sinus infections come in several varieties that vary in duration. Acute sinus infections last up to four weeks, subacute sinus infections four to 12 weeks, and chronic sinus infections persist for more than 12 weeks. If you experience several sinus infection attacks within a year, it’s considered recurrent. It’s important to identify the duration of your sinus infections because sinus infection treatment online varies depending on the type of sinus infection you are experiencing.

The causes of sinus infection differ from allergies to infection. Sometimes certain nasal problems can cause your sinuses to become inflamed. The common cold can cause sinus infections, as well as conditions like nasal polyps or immune deficiencies. Usually, some infection is at fault. If you have come in contact with anybody with a common cold, if there is a known outbreak of certain infections in your area or if you have allergies, you are at higher risk for a sinus infection. In addition, if you have an immune deficiency or are taking medications that decrease the ability of your immune system to fight infection, your risk for a sinus infection is also increased.

Often, the sinus infection treatment online you are prescribed is intended to address the underlying cause of the sinus infection, such as antibiotics. To treat the symptoms of sinus infection, a number of pain relievers and decongestants are available, including oral medications, nasal saline sprays, and nasal irrigation. Many people use sinus infection home treatment options, as well.

When Should I Go to the Doctor for a Sinus Infection?

It can be difficult to determine when to see an online doctor to get a prescription for a sinus infection. If you aren’t feeling well, your first instinct may be to see a doctor, but often, this may not be necessary, and there may not be much your doctor can do for you other than tell you to get some rest and take over-the-counter medicines or use sinus infection home treatment to counter some of the symptoms of the sinus infection. However, there are some situations when you will need to get a doctor’s advice about your sinus infection.

Typically, it’s best to see an online doctor for sinus infection if the problem has lasted for more than ten days with symptoms, such as a fever, severe nasal discharge, congestion or facial pain. If you find it difficult to get to your regular doctor at this point, you can get sinus infection treatment online that will help you get a quick diagnosis of the problem, so you can get the help you need for the issue. Seeing an online doctor for a sinus infection is quick and easy and can guarantee you can recover quickly with the medicines you need to get back on the road to recovery.

How Is a Sinus Infection Diagnosed Online?

Diagnosing a sinus infection can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. When diagnosing a sinus infection, online doctors will look at many things to determine whether the individual’s symptoms align with the typical sinus infection and if they should use a sinus infection home treatment or get a prescription for the sinus infection. As already mentioned, in most instances, a sinus infection should begin to get better after about 10 days. However, if a sinus infection has not improved after ten days or if after ten days, symptoms have improved but become worse again in a process called “double sickening,” it may be time to contact an online doctor to get the help you need to regain your health.

Some symptoms that indicate an individual has a severe sinus infection that will lead to diagnosis include a persistent or high fever; severe sinus pain, especially if it’s only on one side of the face; and discolored nasal discharge, particularly on one side. These are classic signs an individual has an infection in their sinuses and indicates a prescription for sinus infection, typically an antibiotic, will be needed to clear up the infection and help the individual return to their full health.

It’s important when working with online doctors to communicate all symptoms you are having with your sinus infection clearly to be sure they can help with your problem. This means telling them everything that has occurred with your sinus infection, starting from the day you began experiencing symptoms up to the time of your consultation. Be sure to tell the online doctors working on your case everything they need to know, including any pain you have been experiencing, such as pain in your jaw and teeth, pain in your face around the sinuses like around the eyes and about any nasal discharge you have had with your sinus infection. It’s essential they have a full understanding of what has been happening with your sinus infection, so they can give you a proper diagnosis and distinguish it from other similar medical issues.

How Does an Online Doctor Tell If It’s a Sinus Infection or a Cold?

It can be difficult to distinguish a sinus infection from a cold because the symptoms can overlap. Both conditions come with runny noses and congestion, coughing, and fever. A cold can lead to a sinus infection in due course, which can make distinguishing between the two even more complex. However, there are many things that can help online doctors determine which you are suffering from, helping individuals make better decisions about whether they need sinus infection home treatment.

Perhaps the first thing an online doctor will use to distinguish between a cold and a sinus infection is the duration of the two illnesses. The symptoms of a cold typically peak within about three to five days and taper off gradually after that. The vast majority of people don’t have cold symptoms past 10 days to two weeks after the onset of their cold. However, sinus infections are much more severe and can last for weeks at a time. If an individual comes to an online doctor presenting with an illness that has lasted for far longer than ten days, it’s much more likely the individual has a sinus infection than a cold and needs sinus infection antibiotics.

Additionally, colds don’t present with some of the same symptoms as sinus infections. For example, a person with a cold will typically have less nasal discharge or their nasal discharge will not be as thick or as greenish or yellowish. Also, a person with a cold won’t have some of the pain a person with a sinus infection may have, such as the facial pains around the sinuses, the headache behind the eyes or the pain in the upper jaw and teeth. If a fever is present, it will generally be higher in an individual with a sinus infection, and a person with a sinus infection will typically be more fatigued than an individual with a cold. Finally, there is the tell-tale symptom of bad breath, which occurs only in sinus infections.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of a Sinus Infection? Can I Get Antibiotics Without a Doctor’s Prescription?

There are many home remedies for sinus infection, but at Web Doctors of America, we believe the best treatment for sinus infection is always speaking to a qualified doctor to get the help you need. It’s impossible to get antibiotics without a doctor’s written prescription, and it’s often impossible to heal a sinus infection without antibiotics, especially with home remedies for a sinus infection, as in many instances, they are bacterial infections that require the help of antibiotics to properly heal. When you’re looking for the best treatment for sinus infection, antibiotics are often the best option available.

Sinus infections can be a serious matter, and it’s critical to always prioritize your health. The best sinus infection treatment online is still the one that is prescribed by a doctor who knows your medical history and has thoroughly reviewed your current medical case.

When a sinus infection has gone on for too long, and you know it’s time to finally have a qualified, board-certified doctor check it out, Web Doctors of America can be there to give you the help you need. We offer online prescriptions for sinus infection that will help you get back on your feet in no time. The process is simple. All you have to do is sign in or register with us, and an online doctor for sinus infection will get in touch with you in a short period of time. After a short consultation with our doctor, during which you can get prescriptions written online, that prescription will be sent to a pharmacy of your choice. Then, all you have to do is pick your prescription up, and you will have the medicine you need to promote healing and wellness. It is that simple!

You can get prescriptions written online today for sinus infections and so much more when you work with us at Web Doctors of America. Our professional team is always ready to help, regardless of what it is you need. Sinus infections can be complicated, but they don’t have to put you down for the count. The next time you are dealing with a sinus infection, let us help pick you back up and get you well again. Web Doctors of America is here to help you heal with the best treatment for sinus infection available. We want nothing more than to be there for you to see you get healthy again.


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