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Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Online with Naltrexone.

Alcohol addiction is a severe condition that affects many people. Recovery may seem like a long process, but there are many options that can help you recover. It’s a common misconception you must go away to a rehabilitation center if you would like to recover, but with the Sinclair Method of alcohol treatment, you have the option to get alcohol use disorder treatment online. This is because you can get a Naltrexone prescription online easily with the help of Web Doctors of America.

Contact our online doctors with a detailed description of your medical history, including your problem with alcohol, to begin the process of alcohol recovery. It is that simple. The Sinclair Method of alcohol recovery can help you begin making a real change in your life, starting today. Just sign in or register with us and you will be connected with our online doctors, who will guide you through the recovery process and help you get a Naltrexone prescription online, so you can begin your journey toward a better and healthier life.

Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Online
Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Online

What Is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol use disorder is a pattern of drinking that has become severe, categorized as a chronic relapsing brain disease that is characterized by alcohol use that has become compulsive, losing control over one’s alcohol intake, and negative feelings when not using alcohol. It’s estimated approximately 16 million people in the United States alone have Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD.

While it’s primarily adults who have AUD, adolescents can also sometimes be diagnosed with it. In 2015, approximately 623,000 teenagers aged 12 to 17 had AUD. This is an alarming statistic and one that has not gone unnoticed because the number of teenagers diagnosed with alcohol use disorder has only continued to increase year after year.

A person must meet a number of alcohol use disorder symptoms to be diagnosed with AUD and, in turn, to qualify to seek online alcohol use disorder treatment. Typically, a person must meet two of 11 points on a set of criteria. The more points of criteria an individual generally meets, the more severe their alcohol use disorder is. Those with mild alcohol use disorder may find their problem a little easier to treat, while those with severe alcohol use disorder may find it extremely difficult and nearly impossible to treat their alcohol use disorder, though there are always options available, regardless of how far along an individual is in their disorder and what alcohol use disorder symptoms they are experiencing.

Some of the questions a person will typically be asked to assess whether they have alcohol use disorder include:

  • Have you ever drank longer or more than you set out to?
  • Have you ever tried to stop or cut down, but couldn’t?
  • Do you spend a lot of time drinking or dealing with the side effects?
  • Do you experience a craving, such as a strong need or urge to drink?
  • Has drinking or how you feel afterward negatively affected your family, home, job, or school work?
  • Have you continued to drink despite it causing problems with your social life or family?
  • Have you lost interest in participating in activities you once loved in favor of drinking?
  • Have you found yourself in risky situations more than once due to drinking, such as driving, engaging in unprotected sex, or using machinery?
  • Do you drink despite it causing depression or anxiety or even causing health problems, such as blackouts?
  • Do you now have to drink more than before to get the results you’re after?
  • Do you have withdrawal effects after drinking, such as insomnia, shakiness, anxiety, depression, nausea, or sweating?

Answering yes to more than two of these questions, and especially to several of these questions, indicates you may have a serious problem on your hands. If that is the case, it may be time to seek alcohol use disorder treatment online.

Seeking alcohol use disorder treatment online is a good option because it’s affordable, easy and anonymous, making it a great way for many people to get the help they need, even if they are uncomfortable meeting in front of strangers or seeking help from the family doctor. It’s simple to use and most importantly, it affords those who wish to use it an option that allows them more comfort because they can deal with their online alcohol use disorder treatment on their own time and in the privacy of their own home.

How Do I Get an Online Prescription for Naltrexone? Consult a Doctor Now!

In 1978, doctors began the process of finding a way to treat alcoholism with prescription medication. With the Sinclair Method, a patient takes an opiate blocker called Naltrexone, which changes their alcohol habits because it inhibits the pleasure responses that come from drinking alcohol.

The opiate blocker Naltrexone serves to change a person’s cravings and return their body to how it functioned before their addiction. There is no need to stop drinking completely if the patient doesn’t wish to quit alcohol completely; they would still be able to drink responsibly at weddings, dates, or dinner parties. There is about an 80 percent success rate with this alcohol use disorder treatment, and studies have shown it’s effective without having to go to a treatment facility, so it’s possible for a patient to get a prescription online and begin the process to sobriety without having to leave the comforts of their home.

About 25 percent of the patients become 100 percent abstinent. While that doesn’t seem to be much, the remaining 55 percent who report success cut their drinking in half to a more responsible amount. If the patient chooses to continue drinking, they must continue taking the Naltrexone opiate blocker before drinking alcohol to maintain the results they have achieved and not slip back into unhealthy habits.

The Sinclair Method has been controversial. Many approaches to alcohol addiction treatment encourage the patient to eliminate alcohol from their life forever. The Sinclair Method allows recovering alcoholics to drink moderately. Critics of the treatment think this could lead to continued or future alcohol abuse.

Those wishing to get a Naltrexone prescription online can do so by speaking to a board-certified physicians on a site like ours here at Web Doctors of America. We make it possible to describe your history with alcohol, indicating whether you have an alcohol use disorder, allowing online doctors to determine whether a Naltrexone prescription would be an appropriate online alcohol use disorder treatment option to help you overcome your addiction. This way, you can be closely monitored over the next several months by the online doctor who prescribed the medication to help you in the process of recovery. It is possible, though it may seem challenging at the onset.

Urgent care alcohol withdrawal.

Urgent care alcohol detox.

Alcohol use disorder urgent care.

What Is the Cost of Naltrexone?

After you get a Naltrexone prescription online, you will be able to take it to your preferred pharmacy to get it filled. Most insurance plans typically cover the cost of the medication. Expect there to be some small variation depending on the area you live in and the maker of the Naltrexone when it comes to determining an exact price.

When you receive alcohol use disorder treatment online, the treatment will typically span over the course of several months, so you can expect to pay the $46 per month for the tablets over the course of several months. It’s important to have the money ready for each month’s supply when you get started on your online alcohol use disorder treatment, so you don’t run out of medication and are ready to properly begin your treatment.

Overall, the cost of Naltrexone is much cheaper than recovering from alcohol dependence in a facility, which can cost thousands of dollars, a luxury most people can’t afford. Those who can’t afford doctor’s visits or hospital visits can also save money to get a Naltrexone prescription online by finding board certified physicians who are able to prescribe the medication in the comfort of your home at a low cost in a short, comfortable appointment that typically only costs a small amount of money for the initial consultation.

The online doctors working with you will be able to give you a better idea of the timeline you can expect to be working with as you set out on your journey of recovery, though do realize the rules of recovery are not set in stone and will vary based on many factors. Recovering from alcohol use disorder is different for every individual, and there are no real guidelines when it comes to recovery. You will get a better idea of what to expect as the process goes on, and as you begin to use Naltrexone to stop drinking.

The USDA approved Naltrexone for use in the United States in 1994, and it has continued to be offered for prescription since then. You can get a Naltrexone prescription online today at Web Doctors of America. Our team of doctors is always available to help you on your path toward recovery. We understand living with alcohol use disorder is difficult, and we would like to make your life a little bit easier. Though it may not seem possible, there is hope waiting for you.

If you are seeking doctors who write prescriptions, we are available to help you. Our online doctors are always waiting, eager to help you out with whatever problems you may be facing. If you believe you have alcohol use disorder symptoms and think it’s time to get help, give us a call. Our online doctors are standing by to help you get the prescription you need to finally find yourself free of alcohol use disorder.

When you decide to work with us for your consultation for alcohol use disorder treatment online, we will set up an initial consultation with one of our online doctors. This consultation has a low cost and will be used to determine what your needs are and if Naltrexone is the right medication for you. From there, online doctors will continue to work with you to assess your needs further and ensure all your needs are met throughout the entire process. This is a big piece of what sets Web Doctors of America apart from other similar services you may find online.

Your life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle with alcohol, nor should it be. That is why we want to be there when you need us most. The process is simple. When you are ready, all you need to do is register with us. You will give us a detailed account of your medical history, including all relevant medical information and your current problem with alcohol, and a doctor with experience handling these cases will get in touch with you shortly. Doctors who write prescriptions for Naltrexone are waiting to help you today! If you are ready to make the leap and begin your journey, register with us now to get started and meet with one of our board-certified physicians to start your treatment for alcohol use disorder online.

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