About Us

WebDoctorsofAmerica.com is an online medical provider that aims to treat common medical ailments by Board Certified Physicians from the comfort of their home or office 24/7/365. Patients are able to receive an online consultation and prescription transmitted to the pharmacy of their choice from their computer or Smartphone. The concept was conceived by Dr. Narendra K. Garg, a board-certified Internist who in his 30+ years of private practice noticed that the majority of patients waiting to see him or calling his office were seeking prescriptions for minor, easily diagnosable conditions such as UTI, URI or Upper respiratory infection, Sore throat, Sinusitis, Flu, Minor injuries, Acne, Cold sores, Allergies and many others.

Most of these conditions can be safely treated by video or online consultations.

Benefits of WebDoctorsofAmerica.com:

1. Provide immediate access to board certified primary care providers for patients Suffering from common and easily diagnosable medical problems. These patients will otherwise end up in ER or urgent care center.

2. The average cost of ER visit is above $500.00, Urgent care center is $300.00 and Doctor’s office is $150.00. The cost at WebDoctorsofAmerica.com starts at $39.95 for most conditions. Click here to view our fee schedule.

3. These patients with relatively minor ailments will otherwise cause overcrowding of emergency rooms adding to cost of healthcare system and diverting attention of ER staff away from more critical patients

4. Many of these so called minor ailments if not treated in timely manner, may turn into more complicated problems, for example bronchitis, if not treated promptly may turn into pneumonia.


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